Learning How to Draw Cartoons – A Simple Guide to Help You Draw

A skill in drawing especially when it comes to drawing cartoons can be a very useful and fun especially if you are dealing with children or you want to teach children how to draw. Of course, a lot of people of all ages love cartoons, thus you can also make profits out of this skill. If you are interested in learning how to draw cartoons, here is a simple guide that might be of help.

– Start by learning how to draw basic shapes. You have to try practicing first with the basic shapes so that you will can learn how to see things and draw things as they are. Of course, we all know how to draw circles and squares or triangles but you have to learn also how to draw cylinders, pyramids as well as hexagons and spheres. Drawings start from these simple shapes and if you can master these, you will find it easy to move on to more complex ones. 4anime

– Practice sketching the things that you see around. Try sketching a container on your table, a vase, a view, animals you see and people as well. With constant practice, it will be easier for you to start drawing from basic shapes and finishing it off with shading and coloring.

– Practice with stick figures if you want to draw people. You can start with these easy cartoons if you want to draw people. With as simple as sticks or straight line, you can draw people and help practice establishing proportion as well as balance in your drawings. It will also help you on how to make your drawings ‘move’. Of course, you just don’t draw cartoons that are standing stiff, but you have to create movements with your cartoons as well.

– Learn shading and darkening. If you want to bring more life to your simple drawings, you can also learn how to shade, darken or lighten a part of your drawing to make it more realistic. Among the techniques that you can use in shading your work are hatching, cross hatching or veiling. If you have mastered the basics, you can also learn these techniques to make your cartoons more appealing. These are just actually shading your work with thin parallel lines of your pencil or adding faint lines and shadows in your drawings.

– Learning how to draw perspective is also another basic in learning how to draw cartoons. You have to consider that larger object in your drawing appears closer and those farther from you may appear smaller. You can find a lot of sample work and tutorials on how you can show perspective in your drawings.

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