Mi 9 Power: A Common Problem With This Power Phone


Mi 9 Power is one of the hottest handsets in the UK and has become a power cord to many. Many users have found it convenient to use whilst travelling and even sitting at home watching TV as it charges the battery fully. While buying a device with so many advantages it can be tempting to just buy it, but there are a few disadvantages that should be considered before plumping for the phone. First you need to consider how often you plan to use the phone. Do you plan to use it whilst driving or while relaxing in the sun? Mi 9 Power

If you intend on using the Mi9 for extended periods of time, such as a long flight or a day in the sun, you should consider fixing the device. One of the drawbacks of the Poweramp application is its slow user interface and large battery drain, this means that users who are used to using a hands free device may find the slow interface a little too much to handle. To fix the slow UI and battery drain you will need to purchase a more powerful device such as the Mi8 Plus or the iPhone 5s.

If you do intend on using the device whilst driving, then another disadvantage of the handset is that it has no accelerometer. This means that if you are caught mid-job, you will not be able to accurately judge speed. To fix this, some users have turned to an application such as TrafficSaver which can be downloaded from the app store for free. It slows the speed of the phone down, although does work in some cases.

Another thing to consider when buying this handset is the steps given in the manual. The steps given in the manual may seem overly simplified and do not go into as much depth as they could, but you should know that this is a basic operation for those who use the device on a regular basis. If you want to be able to use your phone without too many problems, it is probably best to buy the higher end model and be prepared to carry out some manual labour yourself to fix some of the apps opening slowly.

As with many smartphones sold today, most users prefer to buy their devices online. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, the main one being the trust factor. When buying a phone online you are not faced with someone trying to sell you something that may not work, which we all know is hard to come by with so much choice on the market today. Also, buying your smartphone online ensures that you can get any repairs or updates carried out free of charge by the manufacturer or retailer.

One final thing to note is that despite the fact that many of these Mi smartphones have been launched in South Korea, many users still find that the network issue is widespread around the world. This is a very common problem with the Mi smartphone. Fortunately, this is usually because the WiMax network is not used in South Korea, so a simple multiracial check is unlikely to help. The good news is that repairs to the Mi 9 Power will usually be very easy to carry out by the retailer or manufacturer, so the problem should not hinder your enjoyment of the smartphone.

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