TRAIGE Technique For Prioritizing Your Work

Prioritizing Your Work with S.T.A.R.T – Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment

One of the major challenges that business people face is prioritizing their work. Sooner or later office work starts piling up and many of us can be overwhelmed by this and at a loss on where to start or what activity we should do first.

If you feel yourself in this kind of dilemma there is an effective technique you can use that was developed by a French Army surgeon during the Napoleonic War to treat soldiers wounded in battle. This is called the ‘triage’ technique.

Dominique Jean Larrey was a surgeon in chief of the Napoleonic army in the late 18th Century and played a pivotal role in the battle of Waterloo. Larrey’s major challenge was on how to treat the wounded soldiers rapidly in order to save their lives. The injuries sustained by the soldiers ranged from life threatening to simple wounds. Larrey being short staffed decided to classify the wounded soldiers into three categories which he called the ‘triage’ to assist in the evacuation and treatment of them.

The first category was those soldiers who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive. The second category was those who are likely to die, regardless of what care they receive and the third category was those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome.

Such a classification might seem hard hearted but it did save more lives than treating soldiers on a first come first serve basis.

The triage technique was further refined and fully utilized by the Medical Corps of many countries during the two World Wars and today they are practiced by hospitals when they face with major human casualties that occur out of some man-made or natural disaster.

Today this triage technique is referred to as START which stands for Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment. What medical personnel do when faced with a medical emergency involving many patients is to quickly classify them into the three categories listed above and administer the appropriate medical treatment. It is in tough times like this that tough choices have to be made.

Definitely the START concept has its benefit in the Medical Industry. This concept can also be adapted in the business world to help you prioritize your workload and get things done quickly and effectively. 오피

You can use the START technique by categorizing your workload into the triage quadrants similar to what is listed above. Once you have done this you could then assess the situation and administer the appropriate action which is the equivalent of the ‘rapid treatment’ as mentioned previously.

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